What's New!! Updated 30 Nov. 2016

  • Submission was closed.


  • Release Date: 27 July 2016
  • Proposals Due: 30 November 2016, 1500UT,(2400JST: Japan Standard Time)
  • Completion of review: up to one month after submission of the proposal


JAXA will select proposals for Hayabusa sample investigation. The proposed investigation must address science questions that can be answered by analyzing the particles obtained from the surface of asteroid Itokawa. Participation is open to all researchers capable of handling and analyzing 20 to 50 micrometer particles. This 4th International AO follows the Preliminary Examination performed by preselected teams (partial results of which were published in Science magazine in August 2011) and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd International AO issued in January 2012, 2013, and February 2015. All proposals will be subjected to peer review handled by Astromaterials Science Research Group (ASRG), while some proposals reviewed by the Implementation Committee for the Hayabusa AO. See Hayabusa Investigators Guidebook for more information.

Successful proposers (Hayabusa Sample Investigators) must comply with the Terms and Conditions.

JAXA provided NASA some Hayabusa samples in accordance with the MOU between JAXA and NASA. The Committee for JAXA’s AO will coordinate with NASA to maximize scientific outputs from the Hayabusa Sample Investigation as a whole.

Some particles are not available in this AO but may be in a future opportunity. If you are interested in future opportunities, the Guidebook also contains useful information to cultivate your future ideas. In submitting proposals, proposers should follow the Instruction to the proposers.

In drafting proposals, proposers would need to inspect the Sample Catalog (See the Guidebook).

Please follow the link to access the Catalog.