Proposers should send Name, e-mail and affiliation through the dedicated form in pre-registration web page, prior to the submission of the proposal to the 3rd International AO for HAYABUSA Sample Investigation.
After the pre-registration, ID, Password, and URL for your individual page will be informed.


Following information will be required before submitting your proposal paper through submission page.
  1. Proposer's name,affiliation and email address.
  2. Title of proposal.
  3. Collaborators (name(s) and affiliation(s)).
  4. Keywords that characterize the proposal.
  5. Analysis method.
  6. Requested number of samples (up to five).
  7. ID number of requested samples (up to 10, with priority ranking).
  8. Investigation period (Nominal one year, if consortium study, up to two years).
  9. Requested properties of samples.
  10. Abstract (up to 250 words).
  11. Post-analysis alteration.
  12. Proposer's capability of handling HAYABUSA samples.
  13. Requested environmental conditions for transferring samples.
You should submit your proposal paper after submitting above information. Please refer instruction pdf for writing your proposal paper.