For accepted researcher

At first, please read carefully the document for the accepted researcher.


Templates (A) [before the analysis]
Statement of agreement (Terms and Conditions)
Investigation plan sheet

Templates (B) [after the analysis]
Sample Results Summary Sheet

Information of sample container

Curator prepared JAXA container to package up samples for transfer to an investigator’s institution, in a high-purity nitrogen (ppb levels of trace gases) atmosphere. So the samples can reach the investigator without exposure to the earth’s air.
The selected researcher who wants to send the allocated samples with their special container must explain to JAXA the reason why the samples should be transported with the special container in the proposal sheet. Then it must send the special container to JAXA until July 31, 2015. JAXA will decide the sample treatment environments based on the researcher’s request and the cleanliness level of the container. If the researcher could not send the container until July 31, 2015, JAXA will send the samples the researcher with the JAXA container.

Images of the container
for new particles
for analyzed particles